Nicole Flory, PhD
Clinical Psychologist
279 Massachusetts Ave.
Arlington, MA

Healthcare Providers

Healthcare Providers

Mental Health Professionals

We can collaborate on a comprehensive approach for patients/clients, including those who are seeing you as a primary therapist. I can help with hypnotic and other short-term interventions for adjunctive treatments & case consultations.


We can collaborate on an integrative approach to help your patients with depression, anxiety (including needle phobias), acute and chronic pain (including pelvic pain or vulvodynia), sexual dysfunction, infertility, insomnia, stress, or other problems. I can also help your patients to prepare for medical procedures.

Doulas / Midwives

I can help your clients with pregnancy-related problems such as nausea, fatigue, pain, anxiety, depression, and post-partum adjustment. I can also help with preparing your clients for labor and delivery using hypnotic or other short-term treatments.


I can help your patients struggling with anxiety, e.g., dental phobia, needle phobia, and pain during procedures

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